OnEurope – Live from Tel Aviv

It’s time for another Eurovision Song Contest. Like many of the other independent fan sites, we’re in Tel Aviv and reporting back from rehearsals, as well as giving you a taste of what else is going on in the city.

You can expect reports from us each day. We’ll tell you what we thought, share the official video clip and photo and try to give an impression of what others around us had to say.

Take everything we say with the hugest pinch of salt. Don’t bet your house on a song just because you read how great it was on a Sunday afternoon. And don’t dismiss anything based on a first (or second) rehearsal.

As always, we love hearing back from you – especially when you point out our cloth ears – because we never forget you have a choice.

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5 years ago

Who from the Oneurope team is in Tel Aviv?

Phil Colclough
5 years ago
Reply to  ShaiD.

Just me (Phil) – Thankfully I have some back up at home to tidy all my stuff up