And Finally, Mae Muller, The Daily Mail’s favourite singer!

Mae’s second dress rehearsal was really really good, and now she is bringing her personality to it, the first run being a tech run but this one means it is coming together.

Expectations? – She can’t believe that it is one week away – she has worked really hard and is feeling confident. She loves seeing other artists and there is a good energy. Who came up with the visuals? – She has an amazing team but she knew what she wanted – apparently its an homage to Cardi B ( Whoever she is) – she wanted it to be fun but fashion.

Sam Ryder gave Mae a call and his advice? Take each day as it comes and enjoy it, and that is exactly what she is doing! – It’s madness but amazing. Where does Mae see herself in 10 years? – Still making music and having some animals, maybe like a farm, and hang out with her animals! She wants to go touring and have five albums!

If you could swap voices with any Eurovision contestant? – Clearly Loreen – her voice has so much depth “Sultry and Strong”.  Outside of Eurovision? – Sam Ryder, because he has a strong voice too. Is there a Eurovision country Mae has not visited but wanted to? – Austria. She has a lot of Austrian blood and she reckons she should go back to her roots.

Home country entry more pressure? – It feels right and everyone has felt so supportive, there is pressure for her to do well butt as long as she focusses on the positive, she should do ok.   Most fun part of music video? – She had a week in Lithuania to shoot it and the best part?, there was a miniature car and house, she got to trash that and she loved it.

She has been singing all her life but started professionally 5-6 years ago. Fave place to perform? Liverpool because the scousers know how to party, London and Amsterdam.