Belarus – when is a national final not a national final?

Daz in Belarus

Some broadcasters choose to carry out their selection behind closed doors. Sometimes brown envelopes exchanges hands. Others opt to give the viewers a say – more often than not with guidance from a jury of ‘experts’. The Belteleradiocompany (BRTC) prefers to take the best of both worlds. Each and every decision is taken by its chosen committee, but we get to watch.

Yesterday, anyone with an endless bucket of popcorn could follow online as many (mostly hopeless) acts performed the songs they hope to sing once more in Tel Aviv. With the doors thrown open to anyone and everyone, that’s literally who turned up. Even stonewash king Daz Sampson (pictured) had a go.

The committee picked ten songs to feature in a show where the public have absolutely no say in the winner.

  • Michael Soul – Humanise
  • ZENA – Like it
  • Eva Kogan – Run
  • BLGN ft. Mirex – Champion
  • Sebastian Roos – Never getting close
  • Alyona Gorbachova – Can we dream?
  • PROvokatsiya – Running away from the sun
  • Aura – Čaravala
  • NAPOLI – Let it go
  • KeySi – No love lost