Belgian Eurovision song leaks early


Three songs revealed in one day. Seriously Eurovision, you’re spoiling us! And what better way to end our Tuesday than with a shot of Belgian pop? Even if the official press launch isn’t until tomorrow!

‘City Lights’ snuck online long after most Europeans had logged off for the evening. Fans were soon falling over themselves to praise the ‘song that will save this year’s contest’. It rapidly rose in initial bookmaker forecasts to second favourite  –  at this stage though, if a Dutch housewife wagers ten euros on a song, it will slash its odds; the real betting has not started.

But back to the song. Of the three that emerged today, Blanche has the best chance of a place in the final. But is it just me, or does she make three minutes feel like a very long time?

The seventeen-year-old singer took part last year in the Belgian version of ‘The Voice’ and reached the semi final.

Since then, she’s worked with songwriter Pierre Dumoulin on her first album. ‘City Lights’ was picked from these sessions and offered to RTBF.

Officially, this isn’t out until tomorrow, but it turned up on Spotify, so you might as well have a listen.