Depends what Brendan is dying to try……

Brendan Murray at Eurovision

You know in a production meeting somewhere in the bowels of Donnybrook 4, sometime between Louis Walsh o’clock and today, someone said: “I’ll tell you what … if love doesn’t know how to fly, but he’s dying to try … how about visualizing that with a guurt big hot air balloon… it’ll be great!” And they all sniggered and said: “Yeah, right”….

Well maybe no one did.

That is, however, what we get here. Brendan looks like he is about to absolutely shit himself as he perches precariously on this balloon-type thing that looks like an elongated Campina candy.

He has no help on the stage (although there sounds to be backstage support) and boy, the song needs assistance. It is just “I’m dying to tryyyyyyyyyyy” for half of the time, with Brendan doing his full-on pre-pubescent winsome act. It’s followed by a bit where he’s either holding back or there’s an intentional massive gap in the song where the backing singers should have jumped in. And then, the wind machine kicks in and blows his quiff about as he completes the song.

‘Dying to try’ still sounds as though it’s half an octave too high for him (or anyone) to sing. That in itself makes for a hard enough job – without all of the distractions going on around young Brendan.

I’m struggling to see where this is going to get votes from. Televoting mammies? Older gay men? People who can’t get enough of repetitive songs? I can’t think that the juries will give it the time of day, and whilst I am sure he’s a great boy-band singer, I’m genuinely not so certain he has the talent to carry this song to where it has been pitched by Louis … that said,  I’m currently leaning at it finishing somewhere between 9th and 13th.


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6 years ago

Let see if I can get this day right:

Serbia – Too static for the song and she doesn’t seem to care much.

Austria – Using his charm, which he has in tons, in order to sell the song.

Macedonia – Wrong performance for the song. Going against the words of the song and giving the wrong impression.

Malta – Good and solid vocals, but the song is very old fashioned. very, very very old fashioned.

Romania – Bright and effective staging which might results in them being televote magnet.

The Netherlands – Best vocals of the day. Elevate the date song higher than expected.

Hungary – same as NF and yet missing something.

Denmark – Another solid vocals but a very Danish staging.tTying very hard to get out of the SF.

Ireland – Why there is an hot balloon on stage? Why is his voice still high pitched?Where are the backing singer?Why there aren’t join in when the key change happens?
All questions will be answered (or not) in the next episode of Eurovsion in Kiev.