Eurovision 2022 – How are the songs doing in European charts?

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Does Eurovision success (or failure) translate into sales for the artists taking part. Time for our one-week-on look at the charts across Europe.

Kalush Orchestra at the Eurovision Turquoise Carpet in Turin
Kalush Orchestra at the Eurovision Turquoise Carpet in Turin

Kalush Orchestra have placed 11 songs in the Ukrainian Spotify chart with four in the top ten, topped by “Stefania” at number one with 375,635 streams, two and a half times more than the second most played song. It’s also back to #1 in Ukraine’s weekly YouTube chart for a 2nd non-consecutive week after picking up 5,518,015 views in the country on May 13-19.

Elsewhere, the song has sold well, reaching #1 in Lithuania’s official singles chart. Elsewhere, it’s at #2 in Finland, #6 in Croatia, #7 in Sweden and Iceland, #11 in Switzerland, #17 in Greece, #19 in Norway, #21 in the Polish streaming chart, #22 in Germany and the Czech Republic, #27 in Slovakia, #30 in Ireland, #36 in Netherlands and #37 in Dutch-speaking Belgium and #38 in the UK. The band has also entered Italy’s official singles chart at #53, becoming the highest-peaking non-Italian Eurovision song since “Rise Like a Phoenix” eight years ago. And as if that wasn’t enough, they’re at #57 on the global airplay chart.


“Space Man” by Sam Ryder climbs to #2 in the United Kingdom’s official singles chart, the highest-peaking national #Eurovision entry since 1996. It sold 22,697 downloads, 1,274 CDs and 37,297 stream-equivalent units in the past week. Sam has also reached #1 in the United Kingdom’s weekly YouTube chart with 3,665,051 views registered in the country on May 13-19, over three times more than its nearest competitor. On the global airplay chart, Sam Ryder is the highest placed of the 2022 Eurovision crop at #30. He also enjoys the more dubious honour of performing the only song to enter Russia’s YouTube chart, ranking at #80 with 316,580 views from the country over the past week.

Chanel performing SloMo, representing Spain in her second rehearsal
Chanel performing SloMo, representing Spain in her second rehearsal

“SloMo” by Chanel is currently charting at #1 on Los 40 in Spain. It’s the first Spanish Eurovision entry to top the national chart since Ramón’s “Para llenarme de tí” in 2004. The song has also hit #1 in Spain’s weekly YouTube chart for the first time ever. It accumulated 3,374,314 views in the country on May 13-19. Elsewhere in the Spanish charts, “Hold Me Closer” by Cornelia Jakobs enters Sat #88 and “Llámame” by WRS is at #91.

An incredible 29 of the 40 Eurovision 2022 entries are charting in this week’s official Lithuanian singles chart (two in two different versions), in addition to the four most recent Italian entries with “Brividi” at #4, Zitti e buoni at #30, Fai rumore #81 and Mahmood’s “Soldi” at #89. Right now, more than one in three entries in the Lithuanian top 100 are Eurovision songs. Just tucked in behind Kalush’s chart topper is “Saudade, saudade” by Maro at #3 – the highest peak for the song in any country so far – beating a still impressive #4 back home in Portugal this week. Maro is charting in a number of other countries too, fast-becoming the surprise hit of this year.


“Stefania”  is the highest debut of the week in Sweden’s official singles chart, entering at #7. In total, twelve Eurovision 2022 songs appear in the official Sverigetopplistan this week with “Hold me closer” leading the way at number two. Over in Finland, the Swedish song is new at #9, ahead of Kalush at #2, whilst “Jezebel” by The Rasmus has re-entered at #12, spending its fifth week in the national top 20. Just three Eurovision 2022 entries appear in Norway’s official top 40 singles chart (VG-lista) this week: “Give That Wolf a Banana” (#7), “Hold Me Closer” (#15) and “Stefania” (#19).

In Greece, “Die Together” by Amanda Tenfjord is up 23 positions to a new peak of #2 in the official singles chart (international artists). It’s just one of 11 acts charting in the country with “SloMo’ next at #8. “Ela” by Andromache has reached a new peak in the national artists chart, up 53 positions to #45.

In Romania, “Llámame” by WRS has re-entered the weekly Spotify chart at #10, becoming the first ever national #Eurovision entry to reach the top 10. He’s also at #3 in the streaming chart.

“Halo” by LUM!X & Pia Maria is up 25 positions to a new peak of #11 in Austria’s official singles chart. “Boys Do Cry” by Marius Bear moved from #93  to 32 in Switzerland’s official singles chart.

Seven Eurovision 2022 entries debut in this week’s official Irish singles chart with “Space Man” leading the way at #22. “That’s Rich’ sits behind that at #54 That’s Rich.

Rock star

Malik Harris performing Rockstars, representing Germany in his second rehearsal at Turin PalaOlimpico
Malik Harris performing Rockstars, representing Germany in his second rehearsal at Turin PalaOlimpico

Malik Harris continues to sell well in Germany with “Rockstars” up 34 positions to a new peak of #8 in the official singles chart. In Switzerland, eight Eurovision songs are in the charts with “Stefania” leading the way at #11 and “Brividi” close behind at #16. Interestingly, Harris is the second-highest Eurovision act (behind Ryder) on the global airplay charts, with “Rockstars’ sitting at #45.

Six Eurovision 2022 entries appear in this week’s official Dutch singles chart where “De diepte” by S10 has reached #1 for the first time ever this week. “Miss You” by Jérémie Makiese has reached new peaks in the two Belgian charts this week: #1 in Flanders and #3 in Wallonia. “De diepte” has also entered the official Belgian (Flanders) singles chart at #20.

“Með hækkandi sól” by Systur is back to #1 in Iceland’s official singles chart for a fourth non-consecutive week. Nine of the 40 slots of this week’s Tónlistinn are occupied by Eurovision 2022 songs, including: “Með hækkandi sól” (#1), “Hold Me Closer” (#2), “Give That Wolf a Banana” (#4), “Space Man” (#5), “Stefania” (#7), “Brividi” (#8), “De diepte” (#9).

Not a single Eurovision 2022 song entered the Australian top 500 after the grand final, but five entries made it to the digital downloads chart: “Stefania” (#27), “Space Man” (#30), “Give That Wolf a Banana” (#33), “Not the Same” (#38) and “Hold Me Closer” (#41).

Final titbit for today: “Give That Wolf a Banana” is the first Eurovision 2022 song to debut in Belarus’ weekly Spotify chart, entering at #91.