Eurovision 2023 – 37 songs in one line


It’s that time of the Eurovision year where I get to pull one line from each of this year’s entries to give you a taster of what’s coming down your tubes next week. A quick word of warning – it’s a bit of a gloomy old year.

Albina & Familja KelmendiALBANIA: They’re falling apart, They killed love, They’re falling apart

ARMENIA: I’m a volcano that is going to explode in a sec

AUSTRALIA: If you’ve never done anything like this before, then you haven’t been alive

AUSTRIA: Maybe someone out there knows where Shakespeare is

AZERBAIJAN: I don’t know if I’m someone or someone is me


BELGIUM: You told me to love myself a bit harder than yesterday

CROATIA: Mommy kissed the moron

CYPRUS: I miss your kiss, gasoline and a matchstick

CZECHIA: Life’s not a moneybag

DENMARK: Couldn’t meet me in the middle, I got lost

ESTONIA: Now I see the road of leading lights

FINLAND: When Champagne all over myself I pour

FRANCE: In my hell garden, the plants are watered with the dreams and tears

Iru Khechanovi

GEORGIA: Ooooooooohhhhhhhh

GERMANY: We’re so happy we could die

GREECE: Well you know what they say

ICELAND: I’ll take my flowers while I can

IRELAND: When we go down, we go down

ISRAEL: I got the power of a unicorn

ITALY: Coffee with lemon to fight a hangover

LATVIA: Please don’t wake up wake up

LITHUANIA: All the bitterness of failure

MALTA: When the tik gets toking I’m gone

MOLDOVA: I got lost, and it’s only her fault

NETHERLANDS: I don’t find any joy anymore

NORWAY: Don’t fear the pain, just break the chain!

POLAND: I never let me down didi down down down

PORTUGAL: I feel crazy, totally senile

ROMANIA: What’s another way to get me sober?

Piqued JacksSAN MARINO: And I get butterflies in my ears

SERBIA: I just wanna sleep forever

SLOVENIA: You must only work for 810,000 years to make your soul breathe a little


SWEDEN: I’m letting my hair down

SWITZERLAND: No water guns, just body bags that we’ve bеcome

UKRAINE: Don’t care what you say, Don’t care how you feel

UK: Wanted to trash your Benz, Tell all your friends