So what are you going to do with your Saturday? – National Finals then?? – Results from Everywhere – Including Hungary

…before you start – I know I’ve used the same pic almost as last week but that’s because it does NOT get any easier to know what the hell is going on with this Eurovision selection nonsense that we all invest time in!

Tonight there are 1…2..3…. a number of Finals…. and Lithuania…. oh and Sweden still rumbling on and we’re here to help you through it.

Now, for streams I can’t recommend our chums at EscPlus highly enough for their multi screen experience which has helped me the hell out over the last few weeks.  Every national final, sort-able on one screen.

So – you go there – you get cross eyed and eared watching national finals – but you want TIMES and Result and whats doing what…. That’s where we come in – your humble vessel to get you through everything.  Click the link to see runners and riders and…. shiz and keep checking back coz we are, usually, Europe’s fastest results service.

Time (GMT) Country Show Qualifiers? Result
1700 – 1935 Ukraine Final YES
1740 – 2110 Moldova Final YES
1900 – 2030 Sweden Semi Final 4 2+2 YES
1900 – 2045 Slovenia Final YES
1900 – 2115 Lithuania Semi Final 1 3
1925 – 2155 Latvia Final
1990 – 2145 Hungary Final YES 

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