Is she more Blackpool or Eiffel?

LUNA – all caps, no lower case, has been internally selected to represent Poland at the Eurovision with her song ” The Tower” which you can see and hear below.   LUNA, real name Aleksandra Katarzyna Wielgomas so I am not shocked she has a different stage name, is 24 and can be her own one-woman band as she can sing, play violin and piano, AND composes her own music.

I read that the five-member internal jury at TVP chose this by one point (34 points to 33) over fan favourite (well Twitter/X favourite) and 1995 Polish entry Justyna which, I am sure, will drive a section of the keyboard warrior community apoplectic with rage and will get them producing steam from their keyboards.

Back in the real world, I think that this song isn’t half bad but what do YOU, my esteemed reader think?