Just in case you are new to this


….and have been under a rock for the last billion years and are going “So, Mr Phil, how’s tonight work then?” – Lemme try and explain it to you.

Tonight the live feed of the Semi Final will be sent throughout Europe to the 18 countries taking part, plus the three of the big 6 that are voting in this bit too (Italy, UK and Spain). A jury of 5 people (names are readily avaliable on eurovision.tv) will assemble in a room arranged by their broadcaster and watch the same show that I will be watching.

They have a “Green Guide” that tells them what to look for.  It’s things like vocal capacity, hit potential and the like, and then they rank then 1-17 (If they are in it) or 1-18 if they are not in it.  These votes get spirited away to Digame and will be kept till tomorrow.

Excited yet?