Kalush arrives in Israel to kick off Eurovision promotional tour

Kalush arrive in Israel for Eurovision

Kalush Orchestra, arrived in Israel on Monday to take part in ‘Israel Calling‘ – a three-day promotional event featuring competitors from the upcoming 2022 Eurovision Song Contest.

With all men aged between 18 and 60 told they cannot leave Ukraine, the six-man act were granted special permission to take part in events leading up to (and including) the Contest in May.

Kalush founder Oleh Psiuk told the press: “The first time we met since the war started was on a flight to Israel. Before that we held rehearsals online. We were excited to meet each other again after not meeting for so long, and to start rehearsals.”

Ukrainian broadcaster Suspilne stated: “The band Kalush Orchestra, the representatives of Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, have decided that the best they can do for the country now is to support Ukraine with their performance and through communication with the European audience.”


Members of the band will sit down with Ukrainian refugees in Jerusalem on Tuesday, and also meet with Ukraine-native Jerusalem Affairs Minister Ze’ev Elkin, following a tour of Jerusalem organized by the ministry. The Ukrainian public broadcaster said that Kalush Orchestra will be collecting donations at the concert on Thursday to support the restoration of damaged infrastructure and property in Ukraine.

Ihur Didenchuk – technically the first artist to represent Ukraine two years in a row – was clear about why Eurovision matters: “We fight through music. Not with guns. Our weapon is music. I do what I can do. My mission is to make music and talk about Ukraine.”

Producer Ivan Klimenko notes: “How long might any of Kalush last if they were holding weapons and fighting this unjust war? Their music will endure and as they travel around the continent, they can do more good. Through our performance, we want to raise the spirits of those back home and scattered throughout the world.”


Bookmakers have Ukraine as favourites to win the 2022 Contest, counting on a heavy sympathy vote following the Russian invasion.