Macedonia and Malta dance and sing alone

Claudia from lata

I was so busy enjoying my lunch I forgot to blog about Macedonia. Well – meh. I love this song, it’s one of my favourites this year, but Jana’s just not really selling it. She’s alone on stage, so literally dancing alone, and she’s trying to give it sass but she’s just not very sassy. Several esteemed members of the, erm, expert Eurovision press around me (ahem) think she looks like a pole dancer who’s forgotten her pole. They feel she’s a bit needlessly sexualised, and it’s distracting. I just don’t feel it has sufficient oomph, and I fear we might lose an excellent song too early. What do Macedonia have to do to get it right?

Malta’s up now too. Claudia IS giving it sass, and sass a-plenty. She’s toned down some of the diva-esque traits from the video and just delivers this centre stage, static save for a small step forward to coincide with the ‘I’m stepping out’ line opening the second verse. It’s so old-fashioned, which might be too much to save it, but you’ve got to give her props for giving it all she can, which is not an inconsiderable amount.

Monty x