Oneurope’s Reviewcast for 1978 – Part One – NEW SERIES CLAXON!

So, Mr Phil is back, with the help of his desheveled writing team, to bring you the delights of Eurovision’s past… with a twist

This time the gang try to keep awake as they wade through the treacle that is the first half of the 1978 contest and try to keep awake. They must have found something to talk about, there is over an hour of goodness!

Please note – there might be mild swearing and exasperation so listener discretion is advised…. not cos of the swear words, but cos of the songs!

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11 months ago

Yeah!!! Love these reviews.
Thanks Phil

11 months ago

3 things to say about the 1978 contest:

1. Worst postcard ever – watching the artist go into a lift, watching the country’s flag waving, watching the artist going out of the lift.

2. First time we had 2 presenters.

3. Viewers from Jordasn thinking Belgium has won this edition.

I still hoping you will do a review of the 1979’s contest 🙏 🤞🙏🤞