Romania gives us guns, Ukraine gives us head

Romania on stage

Alex and that yodeling girl“I can’t hear my ears!” yells Ilinca from Romania as she starts to yodel at the start of Romania’s rehearsal. There will be those who wish they couldn’t hear this at all but I’m not one of them.

If you add up all the parts of this, it totals a big fat ‘shouldn’t work’. But somehow it does. They’re both engaging, and enthusiastic, committing completely to this performance with total belief in their song.

The cannons are rolled out and though he teeters precariously, Alex manages to stay standing this time. Like the adage in theatre that you can’t have a revolver in the first act if it’s not used in the third, we have to have something coming from them though. You can’t wheel a giant glitter cannon on stage – two giant glitter cannons even – and not produce some kind of ejaculation from them. Glorious! In the way only Eurovision can be.

I’m slightly late bringing you this as I was moonlighting on the ESC Bubble Facebook Live broadcast giving it some punditry. You can see it on their Facebook page here.

I’ve also just caught our first look at Ukraine. It’s a band set up, it’s delivered like a rock band deliver a song, there’s very little that’s unexpected about it. There’s a giant mirror ball glittery head on stage with them. There’s a lot of glittery mirror ball action today: Nathan’s moon, Alex’s guns and O.Tovald giving us head.

Monty x