Yodel IT… or shut it… your call

Alex and that yodeling girl

Well that has the potential to be a glittergasm all over the stage. The cannons haven’t fired yet, but we know what’s going to go on with them. Alex looks somewhat wary of getting onto the rolling cannon and has not found his footing on two run-throughs – which spells “prat fall” potential to me. If you are bringing a large prop you should be able to comfortably use and work your act around it.

That said, it’s colourful, its brash, it’s loud, but again like their neighbours Moldova they are a one-trick pony that, frankly, isn’t that good.

It’s going to get votes from people that are drunk (aka UK viewers) but its only saving grace is that ten entries need to get through from this semi final. It’s fighting for a placing around the bottom of this list, I think.

Video courtesy of esckaz