Eurovision Week 9: Review of the weekend

It’s been a busy weekend in the world of Eurovision with Five songs making the Turin List, and several semi-finals building to their inevitable climaxes.


We’ll start back on Friday night when Germany picked a song using a show optimistically called Germany 12 Points. Assuming that refers to the grand total on 14 May, let’s see what they picked …

First up, it’s a million miles removed from the 2021 entry. Malik Harris is incredibly charismatic and has the perfect voice for this. The song, though, is the weak link. It’s another one of those ten-a-penny mid-tempo rock ballads. The kind of thing Germany and the UK seem to have decided will cut the mustard at Eurovision. It’s certainly radio-friendly, and the spoke-rap verse is effective, but I see this way over on the right at the end of voting. [icon name=”star” prefix=”fas”][icon name=”star” prefix=”fas”]


If you ever wondered what the Bangles might sound like if they decided to base their act on Måneskin, wonder no more. The Danes have entered what sounds like the theme song to a US TV comedy pilot that never got picked up. It’s another one that starts off about being a kid and made not to feel enough, then rocks it up a little, with oddly thin vocals and the lead singer way too high in the mix. It’s pedestrian. [icon name=”star” prefix=”fas”][icon name=”star” prefix=”fas”]


After one of their strongest national finals in years, it’s a shame to find Romania represented by what has been doing well at Eurovision of late, rather than something genuinely innovative. It’s a jolly enough song, and the sound is far more authentically Latin America than say Luka Hari who tried something very similar for Switzerland. It’s a fool who would bet against this making the final and doing very nicely, thank you. [icon name=”star” prefix=”fas”][icon name=”star” prefix=”fas”][icon name=”star” prefix=”fas”]


Alvan & Ahez have tipped up with something that couldn’t be more Eurovision if it tried. It’s the sort of tripe Bulgaria tried way back when. You might well love it and I’d imagine to some ears, this is genius. To mine, it isn’t. [icon name=”star” prefix=”fas”]


I don’t honestly know why this works and why I can’t take my eyes off Konstrakta, but it absolutely does. It’s one of those odd-ball songs that can do well at Eurovision or be a record low scoring entry for Serbia. You’ll either love it or hate it, but like France, it has its place in the fabulous world of Eurovision. [icon name=”star” prefix=”fas”][icon name=”star” prefix=”fas”][icon name=”star” prefix=”fas”][icon name=”star” prefix=”fas”]

And with two more semifinals out of the way, we now have the line-ups for both Sweden and Iceland – though not the running order, as yet, that’s to follow this week. Both finals air next Saturday.


SongArtistJury votesTelevotesTelevote PointsPtsPsn
Paint the Sky BlueGražvydas65187135Q
Rain of RevolutionFusedmarc104015153Q
She's My UniverseMarius Petrauskas3320368
Love is FreeDovydas Petrošius01110012
VictoriousVirgis Valuntonis01340012
I See the LightsVilija Matačiūnaitė4307159
PaperheartMilda Martinkėnaitė & Saulenė Chlevickaitė54856116Q
Get FrightenGytis Ivanauskas869912202Q
I Wanna Love You TonightHIT32330311
I Love My PhoneVidas Bareikis & Ieva Zasimauskaitė76198154Q
No MoreErika Astrauskaitė33142510
Like I Love YouGreta Zazza1264810221Q


SongPerformer (s)Result
FjalëtElton Deda
UnëMariza Ikonomi
MesazhEndri & Stefi
GjurmëtEvans Rama
Tjetër JëtëGenc & David Tukiçi
Pse të DeshaVoltan Prodani
MallEugent Bushpepa
Ra Nje YllRezarta Smaja & Luiz Ejlli
Sytë e ShpirtitBojken Lako
Të PandarëManjola Nallbani
EksistojRedon Makashi

In other news, this week sees several internal selections revealed – including the United Kingdom! Just give it space, and you’ll find out soon enough what’s coming from the BBC this year. Keep an eye on our calendar, which we’ll update as and when news breaks.

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2 years ago

It wouldn’t be Eurovision without giving wolves bananas or exhorting people to eat salad. I think the upcoming US show will be a more sane affair, but you never know….

Phil Colclough
2 years ago
Reply to  Lesley

Really? – Cos that’s only two out of the 40 songs that’ll be competing and the last I looked we’ve not had either of the things you quote as “being Eurovision” before….