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This could go horrifically wrong, but I’ve decided to do a podcast explaining how come your favourite song didn’t come any higher than 14th in the scoreboard!! It’s on Mixcloud, so simply click the widget below to listen.

Depending on whether you hate it or not, I’ll do another one detailing the top half – screw it, imma gona do that anyway!

Quick notice on copyright

I don’t own any of the copyright to anything other than the words I speak! If you fancy claiming I do and trying to sue (and believe me, I have no money!), drop us a line at oneurope@ntlworld.com and let’s have a sensible discussion about it

It’s all about the LOLZ and not the money anyway!

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4 years ago

I’ll try to be brief

U.K. – This is what happen when you send an inexperience singer with a meh of a song. He has a good voice, though. BBC send a good song and you will win. See/ask The Netherland for more information

Germany – Nothing was working for this one. Maybe 2018 was a glitch in the system.

Belarus – Not many people liked this song.

Israel – A classic home entry, where the host broadcaster does everything it can not to win again.

Spain – You have a simple fun song and than you throw a complicated staging at it. All the fun is gone and you get 22nd instead of a top 10, where you should have been.

Greece – Am I only one thinking she felt out of place with that staging? She also looked disinterested.

Estonia – Bland and recognizable and not very much more than that. About the right place for this song.

San Marino – Even if you can’t sing, you still can get redemption with being a guilty pleasure.

Serbia – Classy. Was destined for top Balkan position but someone else got there before them

Albania – I still think she was wailing most of the song. Apparently that is considered enough for quality in Eurovision terms.

France – With all the talks about the message, someone forgot that you need a song a singer who can actually sing.

Slovenia – Even more disinterested than Greece but somehow they managed to get higher than her. It’s a good song but more an acquired taste than an instant success.

Malta – Why all the changing between rehearsals? Maybe if you stick to one staging, you may have got a better result. A question I can’t really answer.

That’s all folks, for the meantime.

You podcast can’t be played on site when on laptop, as it show on error. I could only listening when opening the site on a mobile phone.