Liverpool Eurovision accommodation nears £20,000 per night

Liverpool for Eurovision 2023

Eurovision fans seeking hotel rooms or accommodation in Liverpool for next year’s contest face impossible costs. Industry insiders have warned against paying current prices, explaining how lower priced rooms will become available nearer the date.

Over the weekend accommodation costs in Liverpool for the weekend of the contest (May 13, 2023) has skyrocketed, with some reporting fees of up to £20,000 per night.

As The Guardian report, 99 per cent of hotels in the city are fully booked on the night of the event according to, with one local offering out his 10-bed house for £17,600 for the evening.

Elsewhere, rooms usually sold for under £35 per night are now going for nearly £3,000 on the weekend of Eurovision 2023.

After reports of huge price hikes, event organisers have urged fans not to pay over the odds for accommodation, and hinted that extra provisions will be considered, potentially including “cruise ships or a campsite”.

Pay later

Hotel industry experts suggest fans hang off on committing to overpriced deals. One told OnEurope: “There will be at most seating for 8000 in the venue, many of those will go to locals, sponsors and fan club deals, leaving people without tickets. Those people will likely have rooms on hold and will cancel them. It’s also a fact that with major events, the conference and visitor organisations, block book rooms anticipating demand. These tend to go backl on sale six weeks ahead of a major event if not taken. This will leave many hotels desperate to sell empty rooms and prices will fall.”


An alternative is to look at Manchester – Generally, the train journey from Liverpool to Manchester usually takes around 51 minutes. But, if you want to get there quicker, you can travel from Liverpool to Manchester by train in just 35 minutes on the fastest services provided by Transpennine Express, Northern or East Midlands Railways. Tickets for this journey start from £2.90 when you book in advance. The cost of tickets can vary depending on the time of day, route and class you book and are usually more expensive if you book on the day.

The last train from Liverpool to Manchester leaves at 23:38. Trains that depart in the early morning hours or very late evening may be sleeper services, time and services may also vary during weekends and holidays.

The first train from Liverpool to Manchester leaves at 02:37. Times and services may vary during weekends and holidays.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2023 will take place at the M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool on May 13.