This is love for Greece at Eurovision


Greece has picked its Eurovision song, and so the starting gun has sounded on the crazy. It’s once again time for the most patriotic fan base to gird their loins, and assure everyone that Demy is very much ‘to the wonning’.

Three songs were in the running – a ballad, a medicore pop song and “the one ERT wanted to win”.

‘This is love’ a conveniently leaked earlier this week, just to be sure we all knew how to vote – is a song with more than a casual nod to 90s dance-floor hits. Great verses, not such a strong chorus. In any other year, it would have been an also-ran, but in the 2017 line-up, it’s in with a good shout.

One thing for sure, it’s good to see ERT putting in some effort after the shameful mess they foistered on us last year.

Here’s Demy in a very big frock, squatting on a table lamp.