Smouldering Sevak


Lovely burly and beary Sevak now for Armenia, in a ring of black slabs not too dissimilar to a modern day version of Stonehenge. It’s all very dark, save for the wafts of smoke and flashes of lights backstage that accompany the bigger notes of the song.

He’s dressed in a crumpled-effect long charcoal grey tunic that looks like he’s slept in it, but it’s in keeping with the dark staging, I suppose. To say it’s a song about wind, I thought there might be smoke swirled around by the wind machine, but maybe that would have been too obvious. 

Vocally strong and not straining too much for the big notes, but you can hear the extra vocal oomph given by the off-screen backing singers. There’s lots of close-ups of his face early on in the song, and more sweeping shots as it draws to a close.

This is very simple, but falling short of sublime at the moment, or am I just suffering day two fatigue?! I adore the song but am left wondering if it’s going to be forgotten by the viewers and, therefore, not do as well as I’d hoped. 

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