14 February – Probably, you’re going crazy

It’s going to become a thing over the coming years that more and more performers in our favourite TV show were born after 1 January 2000. These 21st Century-ers were once a novelty but they might now start to make some fans out there feel very old.

Today’s birthday girl Андреа Коевска/Andrea Koevska did her stuff in sunny Torino, so didn’t have to travel that far. Hers was a moody performance and was alone on stage – always daunting. Maybe it proved too daunting, as she finished in that unluckiest spots in a semi-final – eleventh. She did score highly here and there, but for reasons now really only known to to the national broadcaster, North Macedonia is sitting on the sidelines in 2023.

Andrea is 23 today.

Среќен роденден Андреа!

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