23 March – Buried in the middle of the grass, he lies here

Yugoslav coat of arms

We get all sentiments of lyric expressed in Eurovision. Love is the usual one. But some of our friends around Europe relish dreams, depression, madness, and social networks. But of course it’s not all fun and frivolity – and depression – that we get songs about. Just think of last year’s winner. And there’s the song by today’s birthday boy Vladimir ‘Lado’ Leskovar/Владимир ‘Ладо’ Лесковар.

Lado had a song not about falling in love, but about longing, death and graves. Nice. Maybe that’s why he spoke and it ended suddenly.

Lado is 75 today.

Vse najboljše/Срећан рођендан/Среќен роденден, Lado/Ладо!