24 August – Baby, baby

I hope you find the title of today’s article a little intriguing. It’s meant to be, although the picture has probably given it away. Why is it that baby is a term of affection? All babies do is cry, sleep and need a changed nappy every few hours? They can’t speak, they can’t walk, and they can’t get anywhere very quickly. Still, a term of affection it is so we’re stuck with it.

Today’s birthday boy comes from the Mediterranean’s happiest rock. They’ve had mixed fortunes, with a combination of runner-up spots and lesser placings through the years. William Mangion went about as far west in Europe as you can get, and backing singers, some of whom took part in later years. Name them if you can*. William now lives in the USA.

William is 59 today.

Għeluq sninek it-tajjeb/Happy birthday, William!

*Christopher Scicluna, Moira Starface and Debbie Scary (and Phylisianne Brincat)