26 November – And the water in my mouth is to my liking


Aναρή/Anari. JESC has come and gone, so I’m avoiding the hoo-haa about who should be held to account over the voting hiccup today. Instead I’m bringing you another birthday, as you’re bound to want one. If you’re a new viewer to our favourite TV show, you might not know today’s song, as it doesn’t even come from this century.

But don’t turn off, it’s good to know your history. You never know when you might become a media start and be expected to know what happened in, say, 1975. Well, today’s birthday boy שלמה ארצי/Shlomo Artzi sang for Israel. They were novices in those days, and Shlomo didn’t do quite as well as the previous entrants from his country. But an 11th place today would be seen as a good result.

Shlomo is 68 today.

!יום הולדת שמח, שלמה