30 January – Just act normal

Do you get a bit down on Mondays? You know how it is – the weekend was a raging success, you ate, drank and made merry. And now it’s back to the humdrum back at the abattoir/coalmine/jewellery shop.

Well fear not. What I think you need is something big and bouncy to cheer you up. A foot-stomper of a song that gets you bopping along. And when the singers where some nice bright green outfits they probably made themselves, even better.

So what could be better than this duet from Sandra & Andrea. Birthday boy Andres was born Andres Holten but is known to his pals as Dries. He wasn’t in 1972. For the avoidance of doubt, he’s the slightly taller one.

Andres is 80 today.

Happy birthday, Andres!