7 April – I always live my turbulent years far from Paris

Some people just can’t get enough of our favourite TV show. And that’s not just the fans, who are making the best of things after missing out on tickets. Instead, there’s plenty out there.

Talking of people who can’t get enough, today’s birthday girl Michèle Torr (née Michelle Cléberte Tort) tried twice. And for two different countries. Her motto must have been small is beautiful as those two countries were Luxembourg and Monaco. If only Andorra were still having a go… Anyway, in the eleven years between Michèle’s two appearances a lot changed. We’d gone from black & white to colour, from one scoring system, via another to a third, and it was in far bigger venues. And there was the wonder of soft focus. In 1977 when our Michèle was Monégasque for Eurovision purposes, she finished fourth, which was a good result, as English and French language songs stitched up the top four places. Ironic that a ‘Monégasque’ was singing about being a French girl.

Michèle is 76 today.

Bonne anniversaire, Michèle!

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