8 August – You left me only words, a shelter amongst the shadows

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There is that one rule that, as a singer, you need to strive for in Eurovision performances. Always get it right on the night. You have a substantial amount of rehearsals where you can make all your mistakes – get them out of your system as it were. If you’re semi-finalist, you need to get it right two nights running – six minutes of singing. That is for the jury semi-final, and then for the televised show. But you knew that. It’s then a case of repeat that on Friday and Saturday. It’s not tricky. It’s six or twelve minutes of getting it right, and you can do what you like for the rest of two weeks.

Today’s birthday boy almost managed this. He got it right for his six minutes in the semi-final. And then along came his final performance. His televised stint almost came good, and then with that home straight in sight, הראל סקעת/Harel Skaat lost it. Not by much, but enough to scupper his chances.

Harel is 36 today.

!יום הולדת שמח, הראל