Today's coveted awards are presented in as usual, reverse order.

Bully's Special Prizes for outstanding effort.

a) YOU , our loyal reader, for making this site break its all time daily hit record , on a serious note it cheers me up to know that people read what we waffle on about.

B) Jonsi - The citation reads : For wearing a t-shirt extremely well and for getting an eminent Swedish Radio journalist to say , when asked if he liked Jonsi, to say " He's fucking built" - for this - we salute you

C) Chris Doran - The Citation : for being totally forgettable that we, your OnEurope missed you twice... for that we salute ourselves!

The Silver Fork ( Awarded for not being good enough to get a golden fork , in association with the Retail Jewellers of Andorra) , goes to.......

* drum roll**

** opens envelope**

Jonaton Cerrada - for not only being cute and ikkle - but for singing while there is loads of bollocks going on around him on stage

and finally

The Tom McGrath perpetual Golden Fork ( In Association with the Retail Jewellers of Ireland) goes to....
Ruslana - NO seriously, it goes to.... Lena Ph!! She did have a tie with Jonsi but lost on tie-break * he lost the coin toss*!! She gets presented with her fork by Jonsi ( as the last winner)

More Tomorrow - remember no rehearsals as such tomorrow but will try to post pics from today and other such bollocks that you like!!

Phil and team