I really do wonder sometimes …

Daily news newspaper headline reading new press release concept for breaking news

So the same old faces are saying the same old things about political voting and ignoring the true reasons for why their pet countries failed so miserably at the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest.

Dutch broadcaster NOS has been banging on about going for years. The obvious thing is to tell them to make good on the threat. They’re trying to win a contest that no longer exists.

Downmarket German tabloid Bild blames what it calls a ‘voting scam’, ignoring the fact that Europe just didn’t fall for Roger Cicero.

Even the Maltese are trying to hide the fact that Olivia was overblown and over-hyped. They blame ‘the west’ for not supporting them. Just like they handed their twelve over to that fellow western European nation, Georgia.

Over in Sweden, Expressen and Afton-thinggy issue their annual ‘end of the contest’ warnings. Despite their moans about block voting, they gloss over the fact that 42 of Sweden’s 51 points came from near neighbours,.

Sometimes jerking your knee is not the right way.

Here at OnEurope, we’re agreed. The contest is not dead. Far from it. It’s more alive than ever!

Maria Sans-Serif has revitalised the show by winning with a darn good ballad. A song that throws away Ruslana‘s rule book that says you need a whizz bang performance to win. That’s never been the secret ingredient. What matters most is a strong song. Something which Malta, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden did not have.