Nick’s Eurovision Countdown 2021 – Spain

SPAIN – Blas Canto – Voy A Quedarme

I have two confessions to make, loyal consumer of my wordstuff products!

1) When I sat down to write this, I’d completely forgotten the title of the Spanish entry.
b) Furthermore, when I sat down to write this, I’d completely forgotten the existence of Actual Spain and was mentally preparing myself to let loose on Sweden.

Honestly, at this point I can only apologise to readers from Actual Spain, because this review is already going disastrously badly, and I’m far from confident that the next few paragraphs are going to improve matters any.

*awkward silence*

Well, this is awkward.

*shuffles pile of blank notepaper awkwardly*

Umm. I mean, it’s very much taken inspiration from the whole world of, ahh, competitive songwriting, is… hasn’t it? Near the end, Blas has definitely taken notes from Duncan Laurence about giving it some emotional OH-OH-OH-OH when you’re not quite sure what actual words would fit. And most of the song is… definitely balladic in nature. It’s widely accessible, because the… universality of the… umm… instinct? to… err… quedarme… transcends the very… walls of… language.

Blas himself is seen here wearing, umm, a shirt and some trousers, and has some… hair, which is very much an appropriate styling decision. And the song definitely… fits the, umm, personality of… *glances down at notes*… Blas.

*expert panellist panic intensifies*

And… I hope… I hope that… I hope he does really well on May 22nd!

*heads directly to the bar, hyperventilating, for a stiff Fanta*

Nick’s Score: 2/10

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3 years ago

I forgot about Spain too! And Sweden to that matter… I’m just here to see what Mrs Olafsen thinks about Switzerland. Because this is Mrs who will be paying attention. Mr Olafsen stopped processing information after Serbia performed