Phil’s Eurovision Countdown 2021 -Part 10 of 39 -Denmark

Fyr & Flamme will sing for Denmark at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest
Fyr & Flamme will sing for Denmark at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest

Checking my calendar it says 2021 and whilst the 80’s are brilliant, when you marry that with a couple of grinning goons clearly trying to pastiche any MF or DMGP from that era, you get my blood boiling. 

I know what it’s trying to do – it’s trying to give us a good, familiar feeling with the musical equivalent of comfort food, you know it’s all warm and fuzzy and makes us feel good but, also like comfort food, people often eat it for all the wrong reasons and this song is being eaten up by people who are hankering for something.  If it was any good I’d be more than happy to wax lyrical over this song but to me, and I stress this is a personal opinion, it is not only wide of mark, it almost hits the mark in the next county its so wide.   

I dislike everything about it – the lead singer not only shouts the lyrics but ponces about his little podium, he shouts the first verse down the mic and then just minces around in the bridge between verses.  He jumps off the podium and interacts with the guitarist who is the only one that’s acting naturally because his chum seems so intent on “being 80’s” that he can’t let his guard down for a second and it all screams “Forced Fun” at me.  I despise being told how to feel and how to behave in life, so when i’ve got a song that’s shouting “ REMEMBER THE 80’S ITS GREAT” at me, I tend to want to rail against it.   I want to like this song, but it just makes my skin crawl. 

Phil’s score – 0/10

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3 years ago

The 80’s was not a good period for Eurovision and one of the reasons for that, were songs like the one Denmark is sending this year. And the 80’s are present not only in the style of song but also in the style of the singers and last but not least, they decided to keep it in Danish. Don’t get me wrong singing in your own language should be applaud, but at least make sure it’s an interesting song, where the language isn’t a barrier. It should stay in the semi and finish last.


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