Monty’s Eurovision Countdown Part 11 – Denmark

When unaffected by Covid the Danish national final always looks great on TV. There’s a huge set, in a huge arena, and recently they’ve drafted in a live band to lift the sound. So that’s the positives. Once you bring in the songs though it’s clear it’s a balance of style over substance.

None of the 8 tracks on offer this year were especially inspiring but even within a limited set of options this was the song I wanted least to win. I suppose I can’t be too scathing when I didn’t particularly want any of the others either, but I just can’t find anything in this entry to engage me.

Lead singer Siggy starts on the piano. She sings more of a ballad, but with a guitar slung around her neck you know you’re in a for a change of gear. Right enough she stands and joins the rest of the band to deliver the remaining half of the song which leans into glam, rock, and would-be punk flavours. Style-wise it looks like the women have been influenced by the Måneskin effect but whilst the Italians are being kitted out by Gucci this feels more like Primark cosplay version.

Maybe I’m just the wrong audience but there’s not a single element here that ticks my boxes or excites me in any way. And sadly, for the group, who seem very happy to be there, I can’t see this finding enough support to qualify.

My marks: nul points