Monty’s Eurovision Countdown Part 14 – France

Every year I lament the rum luck of the French who I feel have been one of the most constantly interesting nations at Eurovision. They’ve brought terrific diversity to the Contest and not been afraid to try new approaches yet have not been rewarded accordingly. Last year Barbara Pravi delivered their best result in 30 years so interest was running high as to how they would follow it up.

In just a few short years France has revitalised her national final which is now an annual highlight. That bold and creative history extends for another year as in Fulenn we have our second French entry to be sung in Breton. In fact, 2022 will be the first year in Eurovision history with no entries at all in the French language.

Drawing heavily on Celtic sounds, albeit blended with modern electronica instrumentation it’s perhaps no surprise that Fulenn is rooted in nature. The lyrics describe a Celtic woodland dance in the dead of night, the music adding a dance beat creating a unique sound in the 2022 line-up. Parts of the song remind me strongly of the sound of the somewhat obscure Canadian singer and folklorist Edith Butler, herself an Acadian, the descendants of the French settlers in Canada. It’s a sound I love, having leaned into folk music in my youth.

Now, if only we can get Alvan to bring the natty dungarees he’s sporting in a promotional photo to Turin I’ll be a happy boy. They’re a garment for which I have a particular, well, let’s just call it a penchant.

My marks: 10 points