Phil’s Eurovision Countdown 2022 – Part 15 – Georgia

Circus Mircus – Lock Me In

Mr Hacksaw said to me in passing when this song came out: “people are going to have trouble describing this song” … and yeah, it’s got me stumped.

First off, you can tell what kind of band this lot are because they have released an anti-video, which also happens to be anti-Russian in some versions and definitely anti-showing you who they are in the official video that’s for sure. I can hazard a guess, though, that they are going to be on the wacky wing of the party when it comes to the performance in Turin.

The song itself has lyrics that don’t make that much sense, but then again the question the band is clearly posing is: “Do they need to make sense?” It’s certainly more in the performance art category of Alf Poier and his ilk, than an out-and-out storytelling song.

This one is going to be a curate’s egg of a thing. It makes me smile in the way that a so-called joke act should, but they are definitely no jokers.

TLDR – Georgia being Georgia.

Phil’s Score.  5 Points