Monty’s Eurovision Countdown Part 18 – Iceland

I know I’m here to review the song we are seeing in Eurovision rather than one that’s not (hell – I have an entire other podcast to do that), but after having been thrilled by Daði Freyr and Hatari I was rather hoping Iceland would still be bold. The vaguely anarchic hip hop ensemble Daughters of Reykjavik had been hot favourites and led in every round of the competition before being pipped at the post in the super final play off. There’s plenty to be said about such a format that allows transferring support to vote against a divisive act, but ultimately, we’re denied a genuinely interesting entry for something undoubtedly considered more “safe”.

What we have is a trio of sisters plodding away at a folky ballad. They give good harmonies, and the melody is perfectly pleasant, and it feels relatively uplifting alongside many of this year’s songs. But ack! It’s just too damn ordinary.

Iceland has plenty of form sending in something quite bland, but after a couple of truly individual entries and very decent results I’d hoped we’d get something more imaginative. But many classic Eurovision acts have had to wait for a second chance and have often returned to national finals with a much better prospect and claimed their moment; maybe the Reykjavíkurdætur will yet have theirs. Sadly, I can’t see these Sisters getting to the final.

My marks: 5 points