Monty’s Eurovision Countdown Part 33 – San Marino

Dear Achille Lauro,

I watched you in Sanremo in 2019 singing Rolls Royce and I confess that I dismissed both you and the song. I didn’t engage enough to see anything beyond what I thought was a slightly chaotic punk-ish singer with a rock and roll standard song. I’m so sorry. I can’t remember ever misjudging an artist as I did you, then.

When I saw you come back the following year and perform Me Ne Frego dressed first in barely anything and then as Elizabeth the First I was wowed. When you came back and delivered a string of stunning art performances as a Sanremo guest the year after that I was hooked. You are truly THE most interesting artist to emerge in Italy’s music scene in recent years.

I was disappointed that your Domenica competing in Sanremo this time was overlooked. Its gospel choir backing a louche and quasi-religious performance by you elevate this song to greatness. It confirmed to me that Eurovision needs you. I was, however, a little surprised that Eurovision has subsequently GOT you, via a most unexpected route for an entirely different country.

Another confession: I’m a little worried that Stripper doesn’t show you off to your full potential, but at the same time I’m certain your Eurovision performance can be as polished and exciting as the time you sang as a gilded statue; with Rapunzel-like plaited hair; or when you took off your shirt to reveal rose stems piercing your bleeding flesh. I’m confident that many people who have dismissed this could be very surprised indeed. I can’t wait to see you, and I’d love to have a beer with you in Turin.

Best of luck, Monty x

My marks: 8 points