Monty’s Eurovision Countdown Part 5 – Azerbaijan

If you can’t already guess by the hint in the title here’s yet another downbeat, introspective number to add to the list. And we’re only five songs in. Brace yourself, there’s plenty more to come.

We start with a piano, and see Nadir emote his way around some bleak locations, musing about loss as the darkness creeps literally and metaphorically in. He traipses over chilly landscapes and topples backwards into a pond. I hope there’s someone off screen with a mug of warming chai and one of those tinfoil blankets you get at the end of a marathon to keep him from catching his death when they fish him out. What’s the use in coming from the land of fire if you’re just going to end up soggy?

Nadir does at least have the added bonus of being quite easy on the eye as well as on the ears, so this is nice to both look at as well as listen to. Or at least it’s nice to hear as an individual song. Once again, this needs to line up with a lot of other entries all vying for attention with relatively little to differentiate them. It’s impossible to call this until we see the staging. This does add to the excitement of our first look at all the performances this year, but cumulatively it’s all rather heavier going than I really want after two years of bleakness.

My marks: 6 points