Mo’s Eurovision Countdown 2022 – Part 26 – Montenegro

Vladana – Breath

I always find songs written in 3/4 time a total dote. This has a lovely whimsical sound at the start, but then, dated percussion kicks in. By underlining the rhythm, it draws attention away from the wonderful song that floats above. Like someone accidentally added late-era Bucks Fizz to an otherwise flawless Spotify playlist.

By the mid-point, it’s like Vladana decided to pull six random song suggestions out of a hat and see how that landed. On the up-side, it’s a wonderfully moody promotional video and the song itself is very nicely produced. I don’t doubt she can land this live. It ought to see Montenegro through to the Big Show (TM).

Kudos for managing to force in one of this year’s most unforgiving Eurovision key changes, but the end result is a song that tries too hard and ends up floundering … ever so slightly.

But, given the mawkish history of Montenegro in this Contest, it’s not a bad effort. It’s one I can see myself listening to long after May.

Mo’s Score – 5 points

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