Mo’s Eurovision Countdown 2022 – Part 32 – Romania

Llámame – WRS

Imagine if you will a photocopy of a photocopy of Luca Hari’s surprisingly triumphant Eurovision performance and you have WRS. Add in a sprinkle of Miami Sound Machine and it adds up to three minutes of surprisingly effective entertainment.

In the national final performance (at time of writing, there is no other video on offer), WRS (aka Andrei Ionuț Ursu) is quite clearly counting his way through the steps on stage, and dare I say it, comes across as clumpy. His outfit could do with attention too and don’t get me started on the haircut.

He’s given himself an easy song to sing. The dancers are on fleek and there’s a nice bit of man-on-man flirtation to be sure of picking up the floating pink points. This isn’t my usual bag, but in the midst of so many downbeat songs, there should be a space for something more enjoyably carefree.

I wouldn’t write it off.

Mo’s Score – 7 Points