Mo’s Eurovision Countdown 2022 – Part 35 – Slovenia

LPS – Disko

My God, but this is lamentably poor. Was the brief to take three or four ideas for a song and mash them together? ‘Disko’ is hard work. I found myself checking this wasn’t a long version at around the two-minute mark when everything slows down to a part that over-exposes Filip’s reedy voice. It feels like it goes on forever.

Lest you should think (from the title) this is one of those rare as hen’s teeth upbeat moments in a frozen ocean of musical misery, let me disabuse you of such notions. The song tells the sad (but true) story of Filip being dumped by his girlfriend at a disco.

LPS arrived at EMA as winners of the talent spotting FRES contest. Their inexperience shows. The keyboard player couldn’t mime playing his instrument less convincingly if he was hitting it with a chainsaw.

All told, this song and performance brings all the depth and durability of a radio jingle for mouthwash.

Mo’s Score – 0 Points

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