Phil’s Eurovision Countdown 2022 – Part 10 – Czech Republic

We Are Domi – Lights Off

The Czech Republic has an on-off relationship with Eurovision at the best of times, and after they got royally shafted (or under-performed depending on your point of view) in 2021, I suspected that they would come back with something stronger. I’ve seen this described as electro-pop, and I find it had to disagree with that assessment as it certainly has a very “electrified” sound. For me, though, you have to have the lyrics to back up this kind of sound, and this song just doesn’t tell a story.

I get that it’s basically about our lead singer chasing after her lover, but a cursory glance at the lyric reveals it’s nothing deeper than several sets of cliches rammed together to absolutely zero effect.

It’ll be performed well, and may get stuck in people’s heads, but it really is more like an annoying loop of low-grade synth pop than a Contest song, in my opinion.

That’ll mean it’ll get maximum points from around Europe, and I’ll be made to look like a fool – no change their then. But it will rely heavily on people going “synthpop” above “Eurovision” … and I just don’t know how big that audience will be.

Phil’s Score.  4 Points