Phil’s Eurovision Countdown 2022 – Part 11 – Denmark

Reddi – The Show

Now I, like every non-Danish person watching this final, didn’t know that this song had won the super final, as the stream ended promptly, because DR’s internet department forgot that such a thing as overruns exist but, hey ho, let’s see what they ended up with.

After last year’s bag of dog shite, you’d have thought that literally anything would have been better but, somehow, the Danish public’s choice remains underwhelming.

You get two songs for the price of one in this, though. For the first 70 seconds, it’s an erstwhile-woman-at-a-piano-pretty-standard-ballad-type song, but just when I was getting into that – and for reasons that I can’t actually explain on first listen alone – the songwriter has some sort of episode, and ‘The Show’ turns into some sort of proto-rock thing with Reddi turning to a Lidl version of Suzie Quatro.

Gear changes are all very welcome in Eurovision songs, but this one is literally so jarring and such a change of pace that it leaves me wondering whether the song should have been EITHER that ballad *or* a full on rock-lite song, but not both at the same time.

Lyrically – and I have listened to it a number of times to reach this conclusion – there is no clear reason for the change. It’s not like Reddi is saying “Here I am, this is the real me” with enough conviction in the lyric … except that is exactly what she is saying and choosing to paint that picture with the staging.

As with Croatia, if you are going to tell a story, tell it with the lyric. This song does the opposite, and your very average televoter isn’t going to have the time or brainpower to work that out in three minutes.

It’s going to confuse Europe and then, in turn, confuse Danish televiewers and then, perhaps, DR who might finally see that their way of conducting national finals and failing year after year in the European show might be because the entries to the once-mighty DMGP have become either shit or beige.

This is just the former and kept to one style, it could have been so much more.

Phil’s Score – 2 Points