Phil’s Eurovision Countdown 2022 – Part 36 – Spain

Chanel – Slo Mo

As night is sure to follow day, then by definition it follows that all the Spanish fans believe their entry is the second coming, and that whatever I say will make no difference, because I am clearly racist against Chanel and Spain are to the wonning in the Turin.

It also follows that this is not the case, and that when the inevitable disaster of “not to the wonning” befalls them (which it will), they will think Europe hates them. It doesn’t – well at least not in a Eurovision context anyway. That’s Britain you’re thinking of – ask The Sun.

This had been picked so long ago on a sunny Saturday in Benidorm that I forgot what it actually sounded like. Is that a good thing, I ask myself. They went for the lowest common denominator approach (often used in the past by Balkan countries), namely a good-looking lady in a skimpy dress singing a song with a driving beat – covering all the constituencies that some songwriters think watch the Eurovision on any given Saturday night in May.

There’s nothing new on offer here. It could be argued we’re presented with bits and pieces plucked from a number of other (successful) Eurovision “bangers”put through a computer programme to produce the generic shit done to death in this Contest over recent years.

There is no doubt that Chanel can sing – which is better news for the long-suffering Spanish fan (after years of people who really can’t), but I just get the feeling that RTVE has given up and stopped trying to be fresh and innovative and etcetera

I’m sure I will get heat for this.

Phil’s Score – 3 Points – Not to the wonning

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1 year ago

This is a fan favourite because the very talented Chanel can do all sorts of acrobatics and sing (ish) at the same time. The song is a generic bob and the lyrics are inane so I am not sure what the juries will make of it all. But hey it’s eurovision!