Phil’s Eurovision Countdown 2022 – Part 8 – Croatia

Mia –  Guilty Pleasure

I’m going to let you into a little secret dear reader of these reviews. I’ve missed the last four Eurovision Saturdays of megafinals because I’ve been somewhat ill in the old eye department so, for most of these, writing this is being done on first listen – like this one.

I saw the title and was fully prepared to listen to a three-minute Balkan banger by numbers with a woman type person extolling the virtues of her body in ways that should come with an X Certificate.

I didn’t get that.

What I got was a totally paired-back performance of a very sweet song sung beautifully by Mia and it made a change. It made a change that people remember that it’s not all about the “slay” and being “fierce” … it’s a fucking song contest. Sing a good song and you’ll go far.

This is a good song and social media will dislike it, but those of them out there with an ear for a note-perfect performance will go quite some way to find better. The dancer is a nice touch, clearly not superfluous (as most of them are in the Eurovision sphere), but is clearly supposed to be the blokey Mia is heartbroken over … and, you know what, I believe her. I believe she’s in a relationship with the wrong man and she should be with the dancer and not her significant other.

If you are telling a story in this contest, you need to be believable and credible. Mia is that and more. This deserves a place in the final – but I fear that it will be squeezed.

Phil’s score – 7 Points

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