29 March – Old women, crazy women and tourists are coming in

Birthdays are like buses. Some days there are none at all. Then other days you get a veritable plethora of them. That then gives you the dilemma of which song to pick.

That leads me to decide which one I go for. Is it the classic song? Is it the song we all laugh at? Is it the big birthday? Well today I’ll let you decide. And who’s it for? It’s for today’s birthday boy Fernando Travassos Tordo hits a big one. He sang about bullfighting in 1973 in his very un-bullfightingly-grey suit. And if you’re an animal rights activist, rest easy. They don’t kill the bull in Portugal. But you’re still wondering what else made me pick this song. Well the short answer is it was Mr Phil’s choice.

Fernando is 70 today.

Feliz aniversário, Fernando!