Gravity you say Hovig?? – Is that your chances floating away?


As with so much today, this promised a lot. From a songwriting factory in Sweden should have come a Eurostomper in the old mode, schlagertasic if you will.

What we get, however, is an on-the-cheap production. Hovig is trying to smolder on stage and he does ooze sexiness, but when you try to stand on one leg in an attempt to visually show you’re their “Gravity”…. and then topple over off one leg, it just looks stupid. The stage is too white for my taste, and whilst I can see what they are going for on the stage, there seems to be too much that looks too average and things that can go wrong.

It’s trying to be the older cousin of last year’s R*ssian entry, and has homages to the staging (roughly the same block background and a couple of visual effects). Hovig is no Sergey, and doesn’t have his talent.

I think the choreography is too complicated at the beginning of the song, and while his voice clearly holds up, there are too many things that can go wrong with him balancing and the bouncing between the two backing singers in the middle of the song.

It should qualify, they need to tone down that choreography to something managable though.