It’s amazing what a couple of days rest can do for you

Koit and Laura Lost in Verona

That’s more bloody like it Estonia!

After a complete dog’s breakfast on Wednesday – where it was universally panned – broadcaster EER has gone away, realised what they did wrong and come back for another go.

It’s slightly softer now. I remain convinced their pairing looks like a fine example of hatesex, but today’s rehearsal managed to convey they could have once been a couple in love. A couple that could be in love again. That is – after all – the whole essence of ‘Verona’.

Laura’s wrist-mounted battery pack (which was a bit of an issue on Wednesday) has now been hidden and her movement is more flowing.

Word is that Koit has his two-week-old child with him – which might explain why he looks a touch tired (though that was no excuse for Wednesday).

They both now perform as a duet, rather than two people singing the same song on stage. It’s back in the qualifying zone again; where it should have been all along.

Video courtesy of esckaz