Uku gets the nod in Estonia

Hello team!

With half of the posse actually in the Suurhall tonight, I’ve been called out of retirement like a latter day Roy of the Rovers, Just like Racey I don’t remotely know my way around WordPress, so forgive the slight drop from OnU’s traditionally stratospheric production standards.

I’m told that I need to do a photo (possibly relevant) such as this one from ETV:

Then tell you the results, which until I get my head around tables are that Uku of Stuff won the superfinal ahead of Jaagup Tuisk and Anett x Fredi.

Finally, a link to the song usually goes down well.

1The Rasmus"Jezebel"6827.4%2423101
2Isaac Sene "Kuuma jäbä"2811.2%991275
3Olivera"Thank God I'm an Atheist"4613.7%1211674
4Bess"Ram Pam Pam"5616.8%1482043
5Young-hearted"Sun numero"405.8%51916
6Cyan Kicks "Hurricane"5219.2%1692212
7Tommi Läntinen"Elämä kantaa mua"45.9%52567

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