28 January – Speeding through red lights

Remember 2020? Yep, that crazy time when the world ground to a halt, no-one could go out, and our favourite TV show was cancelled. Yes, cancelled. How would we survive? Well, we did, and we’re all looking forward to Malmö in May.

Most of those picked for the 2020 contest eventually got the gig in 2021, but a few unlucky souls fell by the wayside. One such faller was today’s birthday boy Aksel Kankaanranta (cracking surname). He had to battle through a national final, beating a bonkers fan favourite on the way. And then the world imploded and he never got to travel all the way to exotic, erm, Rotterdam. So we’ll never know how his pleasant little song would have fared. He tried again in 2021 but lost , but then did get a few moments of fame in 2022 when he delivered some jury votes. How do you think he would have done in 2020?

Aksel is 26 today.

Hyvää syntymäpäivää, Axel!

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