Luxembourg – their first for 31 years!

The last time that Luxembourg had an entry in this contest it was this :

And then they went away with their tails between their legs citing “Expense” rather than the truth which was they had become shite.  However, all that will change, hopefully,  now that Luxembourg has once again entered the Eurovision fold.

The Rockhal in Esch-sur-Alzette hosted their national final, the Luxembourg Song Contest (Catchy title, no?). They broadcasted it live on the web for everyone to see (Including you know doubt!).  For the first time in a long time, Luxembourg demanded that the applicants be its citizens or residents, or have some connection with Luxembourg – simply visiting the capital and saying “Can I sing for you” doesn’t suffice anymore!

Of great interest were the performances of Vicky Leandros and Alexander Rybak, Charlotte Pirelli and Katrina also sang their songs.  All that *and* that Desiree Nosbusch was presenting! This might explain why the show over-ran by about 30 minutes.  If they win the contest in Malmo, they are going to have to tighten THAT up.

The result was a two-round affair with, in the first round 3 songs getting through to a superfinal via televoting only and then Jury and Televote for the final round!

SongPerformer(s)1st RdJuryTelevoteTotalPsn
BelieverJoel Marques Cunha10466701363
Finally AliveEdsun 33
Paumée sur terreNaomi Ayé 77
DropAngy and Rafa Ela52
Devil in the DetailOne Last Time47
Drowning in the RainKrick14880851652
Hold OnChaild 29

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